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We value the privacy of all individuals who visit our websites. Our privacy policy outlines how we protect the information provided by visitors to our sites. We collect information and ensure it is used in accordance with our standards and terms. Please check back periodically as our policy may change over time.

A. Information that can identify individuals:

The Software collects specific data voluntarily provided by website visitors, such as when they request information, make purchases, open customer support tickets, submit a resume, or send emails. Some activities, like making purchases or submitting resumes, require the visitor to provide information. When personally identifiable information is provided to The Software, it is used to fulfill the specific request and visitors have the option to choose whether their information is used for additional purposes. The Software may also send important information about services and products unless instructed otherwise, and may inform visitors about additional services and products offered by The Software or its partners.

The content in these materials serves as a source of inspiration and guidance. Success and financial gains are a result of the individual’s dedication, creativity, and hard work in utilizing our solutions. We do not promote this as a quick fix to wealth, and urge you not to perceive it as such.

B. General Information That Cannot be Used to Identify Individuals:

Typically, our software automatically collects basic information that does not disclose a visitor’s identity. This includes details about the computer’s internet address, the number of website visits, and the specific pages accessed. We use this information to improve customer service and optimize our website, utilizing technologies such as ‘cookies’ to customize the visitor’s experience. Rest assured, we do not merge this data with any personally-identifiable information. Visitors have the option to set their browser preferences to manage cookie usage.

C. Your website’s software is the host, server, and moderator for interactive forums and third-party sites.

When you share information in a public forum, such as a chat room or website provided by our services, it becomes accessible to anyone who visits that space. We cannot guarantee the security of any information you share in these places. Our websites also contain links to third-party sites that are not affiliated with us. We cannot guarantee the protection of any information you share on these sites and advise reviewing their privacy policies.

Section D: Special Circumstances and Restrictions

Despite the above, The Software fully collaborates with authorities at all levels of government to assist in any inquiries related to user content or potential illegal activities. The Software also reserves the right to monitor communication channels as necessary to satisfy legal requirements or government requests, and to protect its own interests and the interests of others. Additionally, in the event of a sale or transfer of The Software, user information may be transferred to a third party specializing in communication products and services, who agrees to uphold the same privacy policy.